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You can actually pay up to HALF price for your TV, RADIO & NEWSPAPER ADVERTS?





The role of media buying is to ensure our clients' adverts appear where they and our planners want them to be and that the advertiser pays the best possible price. We have strong relationships with media owners in Nigeria, this ensures we know about new opportunities - and, secondly, the negotiation power to deliver a competitive price. Supremacy Media ensures advertisers get best value from their marketing investment. By negotiating the most effective deals possible, our Media Buyers maximise return on investment.


Do you want your advertising campaigns reach the right audience at the right time, with the right message?
We help you to consider the demographics (age, gender), psychographics (education and income), and behavioral indicators (purchase history, lifestyle) of that audience.
We guide you on how to present a message that appeals directly to those consumers, delivered in a media channel with which they’re engaged, and in a language they speak. WHILE YOU ARE PAYING LESS FOR IT!